Antonio Rodrigues is a Reproductive Medicine Specialist.

Founder / Director of both Medfem Hospital and Medfem Fertility Clinic, Sandton, Johannesburg.

He Co-Authored the patient oriented Book : Faster Better Sicker- timeurgency perfectionism stress.

He obtained his MBA from Henley, London.

He developed Staminogro, a natural product for fertility and general health.

He has an interest in computer software architectural developments including a program for organising the clinical aspects of Medfem Fertility Clinic, that has 20 online work stations. Developed 1999 with continuous upgrades.

He co-developed an online self-help, interactive stress management program,

He has a special interest in lifestyle and its effect on Fertility with special reference to stress and diet in both males and females. Co-author 2 chapters in the Handbook of Fertility: Nutrition, Diet, Lifestyle and Reproductive Health, First Edition.

  1. The psychological management of infertility
  2. The Influence of Male hyperinsulinemia on IVF outcome.

He is a shareholder and Chief Medical Officer of HealthDocs, a digital health platform delivering consumer-   centric health ecosystems, enabling digitisation, communication and access, reducing risk and

improving patient engagement and health outcomes.

Dr Antonio Rodrigues