Carin Huyser become a junior embryologist in 1987 at the Reproductive Biology Lab, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Pretoria. She gained her PhD in 1996 on the relevance of various physico-biochemical properties of human follicular fluid and serum during assisted reproduction. She has published in local and international peer reviewed journals, with invitations as a guest speaker at conferences, symposiums and workshops.

She is currently the Acting Chair of the committee for Medical Sciences, and a member of the Professional Practice Committee of the HPCSA. She serves on the Special Interest Embryology Group of SASREG, and assisted in laboratory related aspects of the Guideline Development Group Diagnosis, management, and treatment of Infertility and Subfertility, of the WHO.  She managed the ART Laboratory at Steve Biko Academic Hospital, University of Pretoria between 1997-2023, and currently acts as a mentor and supervisor of post-graduate research projects in Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

Prof Carin Huyser